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Cleaning & Sanitizing After a Water Damage Emergency

It takes less than a few seconds for a bathroom pipe to explode. The water then begins to seep over to other rooms and drip from the upstairs ceiling directly to the floors below. Carpeting gets ruined and may need replacement altogether. It’s time to hire a pro to begin the water damage cleanup process! The equipment needed ranges from a high grade industrial air blower and dehumidifier to a HEPA Vacuum treatment procedure. Cleaning up a wet carpet or rug involves steam cleaning and drying. Non-walled carpeting can be restored, pending the level of damages. It pays to simply toss out a ruined carpet or rug if it presents danger to your family members.

Restoring Things Back to Normal

Water can remain trapped within wall structures for an increasingly long amount of time. It’s a priority to inspect your piping infrastructure during the cleanup stage. A highly skilled expert will suit up in protective gear, which includes; a pair of thick rubber gloves, a dust mask, heavy goggles and specific sanitizer solutions. Each area must be sprayed and disinfected to reduce the outcome of mold or mildew development. A licensed IICRC member will know exactly what to do. Wet basements require the usage of a durable air blower to speed up the restoration. You should have a newly cleaned home in a brief period of time.

Call the Trusted Pros at Citrus Heights Restoration

Our qualified technicians will thoroughly scrub down every remote section of your home residence. We cover all points within the Citrus Heights territories as our company name suggests. Simply put, you won’t find a more dedicated bunch of pros! We have a patented cleanup and restoration technique that has been tested and proven, time after time again! We’re stacked up with referrals from satisfied customers and we always strive for excellence. Let us restore your home after a terrible water damage crisis. Call us today!