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Jessica and Trevor Robinson say:

“After the drain pipe exploded, we were left trapped inside a mini ocean, in our house. When I called Citrus Heights Restoration, they were able to provide me with very fast service, and restored order in our home again. The friendly technician even conducted a mold inspection test, and thankfully, was able to detect the nasty mess right away. I will definitely be suggesting you to my friends and family.”


Kenny Rob says:

“I was fast asleep, when I felt tiny drops of water, drip slowly on my feet. I really thought I was dreaming, but it was a reality. As it turns out, I had drainage problems that were a result of a bad plumbing job. I decided to give Citrus Heights Restoration a chance, after hearing about them through a friend. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to sleep in a nice dry bed once again. Oh, and the price was super affordable too. You guys are on my speed dial! Thanks again.”


Emma Williams says:

“It had been a month after we experienced a flood in our house, due to heavy rains. We had restored as much of the house as possible, but were suddenly feeling very ill. We have 3 young children, and each of them, started to develop breathing problems. As it turns out, we had a small patch of disgusting black mold, growing in our basement corner. The kids always go down there to play video games, and kept coughing each time they came back up. I called Citrus Heights Restoration immediately. The gentlemen inspected the mold, and after carefully removing it, assured us that our home was safe to breathe once again. He was right. Our kids haven’t had any breathing problems since then. I’m now aware of how to spot and lookout for mold in the house. I can’t thank you guys enough!”


Bob Gunderson says:

“We were sitting at home watching TV, when all of a sudden, a bad pipe in our toilet had erupted. At first, we had no idea on just how significant the damages would be, not to mention expensive. The water was all over the place, and the towels were quickly soaking up completely. We were left helpless in our own home. I had no choice but to go with my instinct and give Citrus Heights Restoration a call. I was amazed at how fast the technician showed up. He even joked with me as he went inside to do battle with the uncooperative pipe. When he finished, we were extremely relieved and very grateful. I was also happy to see that the price was very reasonable. My bathroom and wallet thank you for a job well done.”