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Most important steps in preventing permanent damage after flooding

Flooding can do serious damage to home and property. The worst damage occurs as standing water seeps into baseboards, drywall, insulation, carpeting, and padding. The longer the water can saturate these materials, the greater the impact it can have upon their integrity. For this reason, it is essential to call for emergency remediation as soon as the flood is discovered. Though there are many who believe calling for professional help is unnecessary, the truth is that without the best water damage extraction in Citrus Heights, one little flood can wreak serious damage upon your home. And water extraction is one of the most important steps in the process.

Water Extraction First

It should be understood that water extraction cannot be properly conducted without the right equipment. Opening windows, turning on fans, or getting out the wetvac from the garage is NOT enough power to do the job right. If the water is not completely extracted from walls and flooring, contamination can quickly progress to an infestation of black mold. Toxic black mold only needs 24 hours of moisture in a home to begin growing. BUT, with fast acting professional technicians at your back, you have an almost sure-fire guarantee that mold growth will be prevented.

Professionals Bring Power

Remediation pros like our team here at Citrus Heights Restoration will bring with them immediate power to remove water and clean house. High-powered pumps and vacuums set to work immediately to remove excess water. Fans and dehumidifiers eliminate the moisture that can’t be seen or felt by human hands. And moisture meters ensure that these tools stay on task until your home is 100% flood-free. In most situations our team can restore your home to its pre-flood condition and help you with clean up and repairs if any permanent damage has been done.

Water extraction is THE primary step in recovering from a flood. This is why Citrus Heights Restoration is on call 24/7. Don’t leave yourself to do the work; ensure your peace of mind and preserve your home when disaster strikes.