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You can never get enough of storage space. No matter how much of it your home offers, you will always find something to fill it up with. That is why crawl spaces are such a popular solution. However, not many are aware of the fact that crawl spaces can also pose several dangers.

Why is water damage in crawl spaces dangerous?

Water from the damp ground, water vapor from vents, and moisture from other sources can damage stored boxes and can even cause greater damage. To understand that one should understand how the air moves through the house. When the air in your house warms, it rises up, and leaves the house through exits and vents. In order to fill up for the lost air, your house “sucks” up air from the crawl space and the areas beneath the house into its main areas. If you suffer from water damages in your crawl space, their derivative effects can come up with the air. Such hazards can include malodor, mold spores, and other less than sanitary elements. So, beyond causing damage to stored boxes and goods, actual health related problems can ensue from water damages in your crawl space with your being none the wiser.

I suspect there is water damage in my crawl space, how should I proceed?

If you have any reason to suspect there is water damage in your crawl space, contact an expert service provider at once. Prompt action in such matters can be the difference between a swift and relatively easy solution and a lengthy and complex treatment.

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