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Is the concrete cracked? If so, can you tell if it’s the type that needs a professional? Do you know if the concrete can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely? If not, you need a company that professionally handles structural restoration in the Citrus Heights area, and that can tell you if you need routine structural maintenance, or a full blown structural repair job.

Structural Restoration of Masonry

Concrete is not the only construction material you have to worry about if you believe the structure of your building has been damaged. Water can damage masonry rather badly. For instance , it takes a company that employs professionals who work entirely within industry standard guidelines to properly conduct this type of structural restoration. You don’t want, or need, a company that ends up using improper structural restoration techniques that can actually damage your masonry more than it already is. (Some of those improper techniques include sandblasting and using wire brushes that scar the masonry.)

Whole Structural Restoration

Sometimes, it’s not just a piece here or there of your building that needs to be restored. Sometimes its the skeleton of the building itself. The building’s bones have become damaged and diseased. You need a company that can tell you just how bad the damage is behind the walls. Do you know if you building is unstable? A professional from the right company can tell you whether your building can be stabilized and entirely restored, or if it can only be structurally stabilized for a short time, and that professional can let you know what your options truly are.

When you have need of structural restoration services, we recommend that you pick up the phone and call Citrus Heights Restoration. Remember that as time goes on, structural damage slowly creeps forward, ruining your building. It is wise to consider that fixing small structural problems now can prevent you from having to worry about a gigantic problem later.