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Sewage Removal – Citrus Heights

Here at Citrus Heights Restoration, we’ve seen hundreds of houses flooded and just as many restored to their owners’ satisfaction. Though we encounter many different situations and provide assistance for flooding, fires, and mold remediation, we find it important to remind our friends and neighbors in the Citrus Heights community about dealing with sewage removal. Flooding can do enough damage on its own that a sewage flood may seem to add insult to injury. The problem is that many ambitious homeowners believe they can handle these floods on their own and then unconsciously endanger themselves and their loved ones. Let’s talk a little about the appropriate response and necessary precautions that should be taken when handling sewage removal and flood clean up.

Responding to Sewage Floods

When it comes to a house flood, immediate response is essential if you want to see your home restored to its pre-flood condition. The same is true of a sewage flood, and it’s even MORE important. Sewage floods not only do damage as standing water seeps into walls, furnishings, and carpeting, but they also bring along serious contagions that will contaminate everything they come in contact with. It is important that sewage floods be contained and cleaned up quickly. Citrus Heights Restoration is on call 24 hours a day to make sure you always have the help you need.

Protecting Yourself

Flooding (and sewage flooding) can actually endanger your family, as air quality is impacted and contagions abound. Sewage removal and flood clean up require more than the regular precautions. Not only must the moisture be removed quickly and the home dried out thoroughly to prevent the growth of toxic mold, but all surfaces in the house will need to be completely sanitized and contagions neutralized. There are specific safety measures that must be taken, like wearing proper protective gear, and professionals come with the knowledge of these safety measures so that you and your family are sufficiently protected.

No matter how you feel about flooding, never attempt to clean up sewage on your own. Leave it up to professionals with the right tools, training, and procedures to keep you and those you love protected. Plus, professionals will ensure that your home is restored so that it’s like the flood never even happened.