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Flood Damage

Citrus Heights Restoration is the team on the job 24/7, ready to help you defend your home from the worst disasters that can befall on the personal level: flooding, fires, and accidents. When it comes to flooding, many homeowners already have experience with the damage that can be done. Still, they do not know to act with immediacy! It is essential when flooding occurs in your home to call for a professional remediation team to defend you from the lasting damage that only grows with each moment that action is not taken against it.

When standing water is allowed time to slowly seep through the layers of building materials and penetrates carpet padding, drywall, and insulation, there are serious problems afoot. The water can cause deterioration in drywall, it can damage insulation, and requires much more effort to repair than to simply protect in the first place.

What do professionals have that you do not? Citrus Heights flood damage can cause dramatic problems like ceilings caving in as well as much more subtle and dangerous problems like black mold infestations. Our team of professional remediation experts is equipped with the pumps, vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers that ensure a flood is thoroughly eradicated from the home. We will also assist with careful inspection of the home for serious damages that might need repairs.

The best thing that you can do upon discovering a flood in your home is call for help. Then begin ventilating the room that has been flooded and carefully begin to remove property or possessions that will be in the way. The right remediation team, like Citrus Heights Restoration, will respond within minutes of your call and will set about to make sure you are getting the customized remediation assistance that you need for your home.

Flood damage is not a situation that should be worrisome to any homeowner, IF they have the right team on their side. If you live in the Citrus Heights area, the best preparation you can have against flood damage is the phone number of the professionals at Citrus Heights Restoration in your contacts list!